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The Magnetic Board Company

Welcome to Magnetic Board Co


Welcome to the Magnetic Board Company

We're a leading producer of decorative, printed metal signs, wall art and magnetic notice boards across Europe. We aim to offer the largest and most diverse range of designs, suitable for all tastes and interests.

We use patented manufacturing processes and the latest technology to produce durable products of the highest quality and sustainability. With the characteristic mirror gloss finish, our boards are just like vintage enamel signs form the past, but are now manufactured at a fraction of the environmental impact compared to traditional enameling.

Our magnetic boards will add wow factor to any room in the home, not just the kitchen. Children love them in their bedrooms or playrooms and with alphabet and number magnets they can help them learn as well as play. Teens also love them, as it's somewhere to display all their favourite photos, festival tickets, party invitations etc, instead of sticking them all over the walls! Our boards are also great for the hallway, study and don't forget the kitchen!

Magnetic boards are brilliant for businesses too, whether you're an individual working from home or a large organisation. You can simply have your logo on a board or have some of our vision and values ideas around the workplace. See our Corporate category for more suggestions. Why not include a dry wipe area in your design so that your staff can write messages and ideas up regularly and create a 'think tank' board that's always changing.

The designs on our site are constantly growing in number as we aim to cater for all interests and hobbies. You will find some lovely vintage images including popular inspirational posters of yesteryear such as 'Keep Calm and Carry On' and many more. There's something for foodies, gardeners, and sporting fans, in fact if you have a passion for something (within reason!) we aim to have a magnetic board for it. We always welcome feedback, so feel free to contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter if you have an ideas for us.

Our products are available exclusively online so you won't find our products in the shops. We also sell direct to the public at certain events and shows. Sign up to our newsletter and we'll let you know where we'll be and will look forward to meeting you.